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Our Course Offerings

Crash course for beginners

6-12 weeks
Level A1

Come and join us for a beginners class, and reach your B1 level with our 6 week beginners crash course.

Intermediate & Advanced

12 weeks

Click here, and have a look to see when our next B1 and advanced (C1) courses are taking place.


Cambridge Proficiency

9-18 weeks

Are you a writer? Or perhaps you are pretty good at English already but you’d like to learn more of the English Nuances and idioms?

In-Company Training

Start within 2 weeks

We tailor make our company courses to fit the needs of the company. These have become very popular due to the fact …….

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Why Learn a New Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

335 Million people around the world speak English. In fact, it is the third most spoken language in the world. 90% – 93% of the people in The Netherlands speak English as a second language.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

If you’re planning a life in Holland or another country where English is widely spoken, learning English will widen your job opportunities to it’s fullest potential….

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Allow yourself to dig into the Depths of Shakespeare and start learning some English art and culture as you progress. The English Language has so many hidden gems ….

Become a Better Learner

Some of us haven’t been to school in a number of years, but learning a new language gives you the opportunity to learn again, find strategies that you thought you had lost ..

Business Travel & Communication

Do you need to do some presentations at work? Do you need to communicate effectively with your colleagues? Or perhaps, your work force need to communicate …...

Speak With More People

Often, in life, there are many barriers between people and why they don’t or won’t speak and communicate. Experience the world, talk to people and make friends …

Popular Courses

9-18 week class

Cambridge advanced (C1)

The Cambridge advanced course is becoming ever so popular among the students and the people who live in Netherlands…..

9 week class

IELTS training course: Academic

Are you committed to an English course at school, or perhaps you have started working in an English environment– the chances are, you’ll be asked for an IELTS diploma …

Why learn with us


Vibrant new language school

Fair Weather English is a vibrant new school using the newest teaching methods taught by our native English speakers.

Successful students with results to prove it

Students who have studied with us have excellent course results and go on to complete some of the top international English exams. Some trainees also go on to acquire some of the best English language qualifications that many employers and universities are looking for.

Located in and around the Netherlands

Not only do we teach in our classrooms, but also in different businesses and locations around the Netherlands.


World Class Language trainers

Our native English speakers have all the relevant qualifications and use the best teaching methods to ensure an optimal learning environment.

What our students say

Jessie is a great English teacher, funny and understanding, even if your level is zero to nothing. – Harro Mulder 

Jessie West is an excellent English teacher. I met Jessie in Zwolle where she teached the crash course English. She taught me a lot, especially encouraging me to speak English more in the open. Her way of teaching is open and pleasant. Jessie knows how to combine the various skill levels of the students. – Anja Beurza

It’s always easy to have lessons from Jessie West because she is great at building a rapport with students whatever your background or level of English. #tefl – Ross Ford

Jessie is een leuke docente met veel geduld en neemt graag de tijd voor je. Ik heb echt ontzettend veel geleerd en mijn engels is erg verbeterd. Thank you jessie ? – Anna Brugs

Jessie is een warme, gedreven, enthousiasmerende docent die vanuit betrokkenheid en positiviteit je echt het zelfvertrouwen geeft om uitdagingen aan te gaan. Ze doet dit vanuit een vanzelfsprekende natuurlijke creatieve en speelse aanpak. Ze is inventief in het zoeken naar manieren om je skills uit te breiden en te verbeteren. Jessie zet je in je kracht en geeft je de basis waarop je kunt groeien. Ze gebruikt veelal humor om je tot het inzicht te brengen hoe iets anders zou moeten. Jessie begrijpt en is benieuwd naar waar je nodig hebt en haar rijke internationale ervaring en jeugd, maken haar tot een wereld wijs persoon.

Jessie West’s English tutorials are just great; whether it is about practicing your writing skills or enlarging your vocabulary, she comes forward with exercises that are both challenging and creative.   – Joanna

A bit unfamiliar and uncertain about what to expect from  English lessons,having the last English lessons at school, 20 years back.
After explaining by mail and having a small evaluation by phone in what was needed for me to improve, Jessie came up with a full learning plan with one to one classes specific for my needs.
Lessons were intense but very helpful in making me more confident in speaking English and improve my writing skills. Thank you, Jessie

Brigitte Bruins 
IQI – Coevorden


Attending our school

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a few answers to the most asked questions:
Underneath you will find our FAQ. Here you will find the answer to the most asked questions we get from our students.
What is an intake form?

An intake form or test is what we give you in the beginning of your course to see what level you are and if you are at the right level for your choice of course. We also often provide in- company trainees and private students with these to see what level they are at and determine what their language needs are – this is to provide you with the best, and most personalized lessons we can offer, so that you reach your language goals.

Do I have to take the Cambridge exams?

The answer is no! It is totally up to you.

Does the language institute give the exams?

No, you book them online via Cambridge, and you pick a venue closest to you. They then send you the certification once you have completed and passed your exam.

Do I get a certificate for participation at the end of the course?

Yes, You get a certificate stating that you have participated in said course, and you receive a report on areas covered, what you did, your achievements and what you may need to work on in the future.

Do companies appreciate an English course on your C.V.?

Yes, absolutely! Some companies pay for and require an advanced class certification. Learning a new language and mastering it is excellent experience and will hold you in good stead for your future business endeavours.

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