‘Business travel and communication’


Do you need to do some presentations at work? Do you need to communicate effectively with your colleagues? Or perhaps, your work force needs to communicate with an English customer base? In these cases, it often takes confidence to speak effectively and clearly. At Fair Weather English, we provide in company training to you and your work colleagues to ensure that you speak English and communicate to the best of your abilities. Even if you are not travelling to an English country, you will find that if you don’t know their language and they don’t know yours, they probably know how to speak some English.

English can be used as ‘common ground’ for two people of two different languages. This is because English is spoken all over the world.

Business English will teach you some of the more intricate idiosyncrasies of the language and teach you the ‘gift of the gab.’

Businesses taught by Fair Weather English include:

Rabo Bank
ITM Kampen
IQI Foods
Beter Leven employees
Babel – Utrecht
Talking English – Zwolle
PABO Katholiek School – Zwolle 

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