‘Our story’

Fair Weather English goes back a generation to Japan.
The founder of Fair Weather English (Netherlands) has a passion for people and travelling.
Jessie travelled in and around Asia for a large part of her childhood and realised how big and fascinating the world really was – and while she lived in Singapore, her father, who is now a financial journalist, had an English school while he lived in Japan, called Fair Weather English… and so the name was born.
Jessie finished her degree in South Africa and realised she had to start travelling again.
So she headed to England to discover some of her roots.
While living in England, Jessie found herself tutoring and teaching English privately – to students who had just arrived in the U.K. in search of a better life – much like herself!
Once she started travelling Europe and experiencing all the wonders of Europe – Jessie arrived in the Netherlands.
She au paired in the Netherlands for some time, and continued to learn Dutch and help others with their English language skills.
Once our founder and Head Teacher had found her feet, she decided that the Netherlands was a good place to lay some roots of her own. She attended an intensive three month course in Amsterdam – at BLTC, to learn and tighten those teaching skills.
She began with teaching A2 – B1 classes and realised, she could have ten different countries in one room if her class was big enough!
Jessie teaches private students, and freelances for Babel in Utrecht as well as TalkingEnglish in Zwolle.
She has been teaching for more than three years now, and finally started to branch out on her own – creating the new Fair Weather English in the Netherlands.
With high standards, experience in internationally recognised course books, very full lives of experiences and highly educated teachers and students, your learning experience at Fair Weather English is sure to be nothing but a positive one.

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